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Buoyant force and water displacement

  1. Apr 21, 2012 #1
    couple quesiton regarding buyoancy and water displacment

    1. so if you have a pond w/ ρ=1.2 and part of the water in that pond turns into ice will the level decrease increase stay the same? (i think it will stay the same)

    2. same pond w/ a ρ=1.2 and you add ice cubes w/ a ρ= 1.2 the cubes should float (im assuming that ρ= 1.2 g/mL has the same characteristics of water) and the level should remain the same?

    3. same pond but now you add ice cubes w/ a ρ=1.0 you put them in the level rises and they're only partially submerged.....what happens does the level stay the same after it's done melting or does it increase?

    4a same pond but now you add ice cube w/ ρ=1.2 and hold it under water will the level decrease after its done melting?

    4b same pond but now you add ice cube w/ ρ=1.0 and hold it under water will the level also decrease b/c ice has a greater volume than liquid water?

    pretty much just wondering when will adding ice increase the level of water after it melts? and what effect do two objects with equal volumes but different densities (say p1 > p2) have on the same glass of water or pond?
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