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Buoyant Forces

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    A cubical box 24.85 cm on each side is immersed in a fluid. The pressure at the top surface of the box is 109.47 kPa and the pressure at the bottom surface is 112.03 kPa. What is the density of the fluid?

    i used

    P2-P1 divded by gh = p
    i used this to solve for p, when i checked my answer, it was wrong.

    any help?
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    Looks okay to me. Did you get 1050 kg/m^3 ?
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    i did. but it keeps comming up wrong :S , there must be something wrong with my CAPA server. ill have a talk with my physics prof tomorroe about it
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    If you wanted to solve for p, wouldnt the equation be:

    [tex]p = p1-p2 / g*h[/tex]

    You used P2-P1.

    I got 1050 too.
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