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Burette help

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    Can anybody tell me why it is better to use a burette rather than a measuring cylinder.
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    A burette? The best thing to use is a pasteur pipette, you mean for the simple measurement of volume?

    It is all about standard error in measurement, in some books they actually give those errors for different types of materials.
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    The burette is better for delivering a precise amount of volume, it's best for titrations. A graduated cylinder is good for delivering a large amount of liquid (~1mL to 1L) with only a fair degree of accuracy. A pasteur pipet is good for quickly transfering a small amount of material, at the milliliter to micro liter range.
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    Those large pipets usually go up to a volume of 50 ml, it is accurate up to 0.5 ml, maybe a little more, better than a measuring cylinder.

    Making a proper dilution you would actually do in a.. what's it called in english.. volumetric flask (according to the dictionary), where you put in liquid up to a line, where the bottom of the minuscus (sp?) touches that line.

    For a titration you use a burette.

    For a dilution where exact concentration doesn't matter, a measuring cylinder.

    It all depends on what you want to do!!
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    For Coloured ones u use upper meniscus
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