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Burning Man 2004- The Vault of Heaven

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    I was curious if anyone here is attending the Burning Man festival this year given that the theme is "The Vault of heaven" and astronomy/cosmology- http://www.burningman.com/themecamps_installations/bm04_theme.html

    there should be a huge number of telescopes and it's in the middle of the Black Rock dessert- best views on earth!


    /:set\AI transmedia laboratories

    http://setai-transmedia.com [Broken]
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    1) You're looking at only one theme camp. The entire Burning Man event does not have an overriding theme.

    2) Quite a bit of the site you linked is hocus-pocus.

    - Warren
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    Isn't Burning Man usually sarounded by huge bonfires and some pyrotechnics? Sounds like the one time the dessert would be a lousy place for skywatchers.
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    the desert is vast- it's easy to find dark areas- I've traveled all over the world and the Nevada Black Rock Desert has the best night sky visability I've ever seen

    this is false statement- every year Burning Man has a central theme- as you can see on the official link- "Burning Man's art theme for 2004 is Vault of Heaven." http://www.burningman.com/ the central Burning Man statue itself is going to be erected on a large observatory-like installation

    before you post claims about well publicized events- check your facts-
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    I actually did read the page before posting, but I missed it. You're correct; I apologize.

    - Warren
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    What is the average cost per person to go to Burning Man?

    :eek:) Thanks very much.
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