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Burning Man 2011, Sold Out

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    Interesting, seems like a trend is growing, that is, against the mainstream... and sold out a month in advance to boot.
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    I've always wanted to go to this, although it's quite a trek from Down Under. It sounds (and looks!) amazing. A few friends are planning on putting a crew together for next year, I'll be mid-semester but I haven't ruled it out completely! :P
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    Burning Man is so indie it has actually become mainstream.
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    Cool vid. :)

    I like to hear stories from people attending such things for the first time. Preconceptions are interesting beasts.
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    I think it would be fun for the first day or two, but how much can one really do in the middle of the desert? I mean, you can't do LSD or psilocybin too often without building up a massive tolerance. However, if I ever get the chance, I'll definitely go.
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    Yeah man... they totally sold out.

    Please, someone appreciate that.
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    Like most things, it's what you make it. It's no longer a new thing. It's matured. It's still an experience to behold!
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    I have a plenty good time when I festival in the middle of nowhere, no halucinogens required, although I tend to err on the side of pretty damn un-sober for most of the time. There's something about a warm can of beer for breakfast that really opens your mind to the possibilities of the day.


    <3 haha

    How do you like frisbee? Folks usually give a giggle when I bring it out, but with a good frisbee, and the right kind of day, that's a solid few hours of amazing fun. I recommend the Aerobie SuperDisc for a good compromise between flies like a bird and I can find it.

    [PLAIN]http://aerobie.com/images/SD-Blue-ForWeb400.jpg [Broken]
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    I've been to my share of incredible raves back in the 90's, and I'd even venture to say that some of my experiences on acid and ecstasy were by far the most exciting and fun experiences of my life. So yeah, I get it.

    But seriously, even with a headful of acid or whatever, and especially SOBER, what adult in their right mind would actually find it enjoyable to spend the weekend in the middle of the freaking desert with a million mostly annoying people simply because you get to "express yourself" or whatever. Last I checked, I can express myself wherever the **** i want without having to drive 500 miles out in the middle of godforsaken Nevada and be around people who are willing to pay 200 dollars so they can walk around the desert on stilts with their tits out.

    Posers eat that **** up and the founders get made in the ****ing shade.
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