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Burning nitrogen

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    i was wondering if there was a substance that could be burned in the airs natural nitrogen (72%) that would release pure oxygen and a solid state waste product but no gaseous waste products

    any speculations?
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    How would it burn in nitrogen when combustion requres oxygen.
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    is it not possibly for a substand to react rapidly with nitrogen upon ignition considering that the substance contains the energy required
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    Do you mean an Oxygen generator?
    There are chemical reactions which release oxygen (from oxygen containing compounds) they don't use anything from the atmosphere so it doesn't matter what that is.
    They are called "oxygen candles" in industry and are used in emergency fire shelters in mining etc and some aircraft as an alternative to oxygen tanks.

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    Ahhh thats cool, I wondered how they created oxygen on space stations. I like learning new things :D
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    It's only as an emergency backup - the main oxygen supply is generated from recycled water using electrical power from the solar panels.

    Chemical oxygen generates obviously give you less ovygen than pure compressed oxygen but you don't have the weight of the pressureised tanks. The big advantage is that they are mainatenance free and safe (mostly) - they just sit there for years until you need them.
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    so are these oxygen generaters available to the public?
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    You can probably buy them from mining / aviation safety equipement companies.
    There are probably shipping restrictions and I don't imagine they are cheap compared to just buying an oxygen cylinder from your local welding supply shop.
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    lithium perchlorate.
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