Burning Salt

  1. Does anyone know of a list I can check to see what salts burn diffrent colors???
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  3. when you mean salts, you mean ions yes?

    In general, i find the ones you need to know are:

    flame colour

    light green

    brick red




    bright orange

    Im not sure if you asked this, but if it is, i hope it helps.
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  5. Im not really sure wha tI mean... I was told that if you put diffrent kinds of salt in a fire they would burn diffrent colors... I was thinking of making some cool fire effects in a camp fire. ISo I need to know what burns what color :confused:
  6. what about cations?
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    Salts are made up of a metal and the other bit. For example table salt is Sodium Chloride.
    Sodium is a metal, it's only the metal that effects the color, giving the colors in the list above.
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    Also note that in most cases these salts don't burn - they just give color to flame.
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