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Burnt-out Physics Major

  1. Feb 21, 2006 #1


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    Hi all, I needed some advice on how to combat burnout. It's my last year as a physics major, taking 5 classes (Quantum I/ EM II/ Statistical Mech./ Classical Mech II/ GR), and i'm pretty much worn down to the bone at this point. I've always had a passion for physics (and still do), but find it hard to be enthusiastic about learning when I've got a 50 hr+/week workload that leaves little time for anything non-physics related. I'm actually taking all of these classes simultaneously because of financial reasons btw. I sometimes consider just dropping out, since I feel the stress i'm going through is literally compromising my health now (i've had cramming sessions until 4am where i've literally blacked out without remembering ever going to sleep.) Any advice on how I can stay sane at this point? Any help is appreciated, okay enough procrastinating, i have two midterms tommorow!
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    That is an insane load for a single quarter. I'm surprised your advisor would let you take that (or does he/she not know?). I understand the pressure of financial issues, but 5 upper division physics courses in one quarter, 20 units of upper division physics classes, is insane, I don't think anyone human could do all that in 10 weeks.
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    Think about how much you'd hate yourself if the previous 3 years of your life were a waste of time?
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    I know exactly how you feel, really a lot of my feellings are expressed in my thread, but just to reitorate, I really have become quite unmotivated after 4 years of stress. I know what you're going through, I started my QM class 2 weeks late, and it really as much as people say "oh well if you're interested in it then it will be ok! kthxbye:)" they don't realize that whether you are interested in it doesn't come into play because of the things you have to worry about like tests, homework, etc. So I guess what I am trying to say is, you're not alone, just try to get it done, get it out of the way, and hopefully all this will somehow pay you back someday.
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    I don't mean to pry into your finances, but I'm not sure I understand. Courses typically cost more or less the same from term to term, barring a major tuition increase. Couldn't you seriously split this over two terms, take slightly longer to graduate? Those are all hard courses man! Or is it a question of being able to afford school NOW, but not necessarily a few months from now? Or is a question of accumulating interest on a student loan? :confused:
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    Drop two classes. Seriously. Take them over the summer if you can or spend an extra quarter/semester at school. It's better than losing your sanity...
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    dunno any solution really ...deal with it maybe ,,stuuned by the blackout part.wat poops said was interesting ,,dropping something ,if possible
    Maybe scheduling better and not working so hard maybe...doing more outside of physics might give you some sort of freedom ,asking for advice from ppl on same course(maybe uve done that)..asking some1 who understands the situation beter than we do ...50 hours hmm try using that better so i guess 35 hours ..5 hours a day from monday to friday ,do u wake up early?...and how about leaving the weekends completely free....and get some hobbies ...i guess wat u want to do is make this year the best u can .......i say to sum up work less...or plan better,and schedule time for urself and wen u feel tired go to bed ...SRRY IF NOTHING HERE IS USEFUL I MIGHT CONTRIBUTE SOMETHING USEful LATTER MAYBE ..DUNNO...GooD LUcK
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    Im in a similar situation.
    Im in 2nd year, taking
    classical mechanics 2
    Modern Physics
    6-hour physics lab
    Group Theory
    Real Analysis
    Differential Equations

    So yeah, Im burnt out as well. But I justify it by knowing that the semester is almost over, so you can probably just hang in there a little while longer. If you dont feel you can lost that long, drop 1-2 classes and take them during the Summer.
  10. Feb 22, 2006 #9
    Same here....

    Complex Variables
    Partial Differential Equations
    3 Senior level Computer Science courses.
    I have to stay up to 1:00 at night and sometimes 2:00 everyday and it's still not enough!!! Taking 19 credits every semester with the hope of finishing my double major in 4 years (1 year left).
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