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Burst Mode technique

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am working on DC-DC converters. The actual approach of my circuit is that to maintained the output voltage remains constant for both line and load regulation. So that, I added the feedback loop of my circuit from the load resistor. To maintained the constant output voltage, I used (Bust Mode technique) to compare with two signals which are output voltage and reference voltage, after comparing both signal the comparator gives error signal. After that, another comparator compares with the generated error signal and pulse signal which should give the pulse of comparator output to the transistor. But, its not giving the pulse still its showing the error signal only. So, what should I have to do to achieve my goal.

    Below I have attached the circuit image. So, please see the circuit image and give me the suggestions.

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    I think the load is floating (well, 1Gohm anyway) relative to the feedback network. Try adding a ground on R1.
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