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Bus acceleration physics problem

  1. Feb 24, 2010 #1
    1. You are running late for your bus that is 100m away. Luckily it is stopped at a traffic light. When you are 16m from the bus, running at your max speed of 6.0m/s the light changes and the bus starts accelerating at 1.0m/s². Do you catch the bus? If so, how far did you have to run to catch it?

    2. v1= initial velocity
    v2= final velocity
    a= acceleration
    t= time
    d= displacement

    1)v2=v1 + at
    2)d= 0.5(v2+v1)t

    3. I have answered the question and got that you do catch the bus in 4 seconds time and have to run 24m, but i solved using trial and error. I would like to know how to solve this question using a more algebraic method.
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    Re: Acceleration

    Assuming you caught your bus we can make the two displacements equal each other:
    displacement of bus = displacement of you - 16m
    d1 = d2-16
    v1t+0.5at² = v2t-16

    Then solve for t. There's probably other ways of solving this algebraically, this is just the first one I thought of.
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