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News Bush Ad Is Troubling Indeed

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Bush Ad Is "Troubling" Indeed

    http://www.factcheck.org/article.aspx?docID=167 [Broken]
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    It seems that if we apply Bush's standards to his own policies that he proposed or signed "higher taxes" 63 times in his presidency. That's about 20 times a year, compared to 17.5 for Kerry (350/20). Is Bush for higher taxes? Of course not. He is, however, in favor of deceitful advertising.

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    Seems to me Kerys only for voting tax increases 12.5% less then GW.
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    He's certainly for higher taxes, why do you think tuition & state taxes have gone up sharply? The fed cut funding for the states, forcing them to cut their programs or raise fees & taxes. That's the result of "tax cuts" -- higher state taxes.
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