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News Bush admin ordered CIA to forge Iraq/al-Qaeda link

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    It wouldn't surprise me at all if this were true;

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    Suskind, says he has the interviews on tape. I guess the ball is in Congress' court. The media hasn't seemed to care much about it.
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    And here is the transcript, posted by Suskind.

    And a link to the Raw Story article.

    For some reason (perhaps because the CIA is legally forbidden to cook intelligence for political purposes and the administration doesn't want Congress looking into this) the American Conservative is claiming that though Suskind's assertions about the WH ordering the fake documents are accurate, Dough Feith's office produced the fakes, not the CIA. This despite an existing tape of a top CIA official claiming that the CIA got the order to produce the fake "evidence" of Saddam's nuclear program and links to al Qaeda, and that the order came in on White House stationary.
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    I read that but really couldn't believe it - did they also stamp it "top-secret / don't tell anyone"!
    I mean seriously, most 5year-olds secret clubhouses are better than this lot.
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    Even if this was proven to be true, it wouldn't matter at this point. If the political situation is so dire that we do not hold our president accountable for ordering torture, then I don't see how we will get justice by trying to prove that he lied to go to war. Everyone who is open to this possibility has already accepted this as a fact, and we have still not impeached Bush, let alone charged him criminally for his actions.
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    Two top CIA operatives are on the record in Suskind's book, claiming that the CIA produced the fake letter on orders from the White House. Why is the American Conservative trying to pin the letter on Doug Feith? Something stinks here. It seems like they're planning to use Feith like Reagan and Bush I used Oliver North - as a lone operative to provide a firewall of deniability for the WH.
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    I watched a program on PBS detailing the same information. There is another book out called "The Dark Side" that clearly states that all orders came from Cheney's office.

    It is apparent why the administration needed all of the secrecy. They needed to cover their own behinds.
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    Even by Am Con's version, someone in the WH would have had to order Feith's Office to make the letter...right?
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    the latest from the National Security Archive:

    much more here:
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    Somebody lied to you, I, and the world.

    I for one would like to know who, and why. Preferably in a world court of law.
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