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News Bush agrees to McCain torture ban

  1. Dec 15, 2005 #1
    He didn't back down until the Senate was against him 10:1, well that's politics for you.

    Interestingly enough, they let this clause in:

    This seems vague and ambigious - if a CIA agent uses torture, and he says he "thought it was legal", that has merit?

    I'm still uncertain as to what exactly this deal means.
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    A case of "The Devil's in the Details." They should get rid of that clause.
  4. Dec 15, 2005 #3
    Actually it was the House vote of 3:1 that finally convinced him.

    Without Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff the stick and carrot, or Hammer and golf outings, the House Republicans are paying closer attention to their constituents. I think this is a good thing.:smile:
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