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News Bush Campaign Gear Made in Burma.

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    Turns out some clothing labeled "Bush/Cheney '04" that is being sold by the Bush Campaign has been made in Burma (Myanmar). Presumably they get larger profit margins from the Burmese cloths, since Burmese textile workers get paid about seven cents on the hour. But they main problem is, the Bush administration banned the sale of goods from Burma a year ago because of the country's tyrannical military dictatorship.

    You will recall this won't be the first time a Bush had some clandestine business deals with foreign tyrannical military dictatorships.

    Hopefully the irony that it was a "fleece" "pullover" is not lost on anybody.

    And if you're curious, all the campaign clothing in the Kerry campaign is made entirely in USA.
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    Outsourcing to dictators is the Republican way!
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    Can't stop private companies from outsourcing through any other means except creating a good business climate here, in which it's a better choice for them to hire Americans.

    However, I think this is a slap in the face, as much as I think it's sick that the pentagon needs 'buy american' bill to get our own government to look to US contractors first.
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    I'm less curious about where kerry buys his clothes then I am about his foreign investments...which he's still mum about.
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    Even that ironed work jacket he was wearing while buying a jock strap at a sporting goods store on camera? ;)
    Point 1 for Kerry.
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    Uh huh...whatever. Try getting on topic.
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    Thanks for the info, Kat...this is obviously a non-issue.
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