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News Bush clamps down even further on freedom of speech

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    THe problem is not just with the Bush administration any more. The entire Congess, both houses, conspired in the stealth passage of the Patriot II tyranny, which Bush signed on the same day as Saddam''s capture was announced. Where were the Democrats? Why was there not even an attempt to filibuster this slime? Where was Teddy? Where Hillary? Sunshine soldiers, fair weather friends.
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    This case has little to do with free speach and a lot to do with PIRACY.
    Something to remember about civil disobedience is it (by its very name) includes breaking the law. And sometimes, the law you break will be enforced.
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    Yeah. It sucks when laws are broken.
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    LOL... yeah and when is it piracy

    to protest
    Draconian measures to be sure.
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    hahaha, am the only one that doesn't fully trust some people boarding my vessel, despite the fact that they are carrying greenpeace signs?? Hell, that might make me even more concerned about how crazy they might get!
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    Fire hoses. Its all about the fire hoses.
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    If they were pro-lifers "peacefully" trespassing to put up a sign protesting abortion...would you feel the same way? Or is the right to break the law by trespassing and/or piracy to protest only acceptable when we support their stance?
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    Yep, I would feel exactly the same way...arrest the trespassers, but leave the organization alone, so long as things stay at the level of peaceful protest.
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    Anyone want to find me a link on all this besides the greenpeace site itself? If greenpeace funded these people or helped them do this in anyway, then these people were acting as agents of greenpeace. Just as you do not sue a worker, you sue the company.

    Also, I love this....

    They say "prosecuted an entire organization for free speech related activities, and they are trying to do it without a jury trial."

    But the last line says "A trial is scheduled to take place this fall.
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    http://www.enn.com/news/2003-08-05/s_7210.asp [Broken]
    "Arrest warrant issued for Greenpeace in Miami ship boarding"
    HAha, just making it worse for themselves.

    WHAT?! Oh man, Ican't wait to find more information on this (none readily available on a google search)! If there was no mahogany, the bickering about the 'smugglers' is a moot point!

    The arrest warrant was issued in August, the orginal boarding happened in 2002. Adam, I think you are getting lazy on your damnation of the Bush admin. :)
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    By this logic, you can shut down all right-to-life organizations, since they usually bus in the protesters who get arrested. You can shut down the Catholic Church for pedophilia, and shut down either of the political parties in this country.
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    Bussing someone for a peaceful protest is a lot different than funding someone if you KNOW they are planning on breakign the law (ie, illegally boarding a ship)

    The Catholic church should be held accountable for the priest it knew were pedophiles, but did not make others aware of.

    Again, the accountability goes as far up the chain as the information and support for the illegal act goes.

    If greenpeace knew what these people were intending to do,and gave any more than vocal support for it, there is a case.

    By the way, read the article - the illegal boarders have all agreed to plea deals. I believe there is more to this story.
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    How do you know they organisation as a whole was aware of the intentions of those few people? That's one heck of an assumption.

    Agree, 100%.

    If the organisation organised the boarding, they should be hit for it. If they didn't, then Bush should leave them alone.
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    Re: phatmonky

    Exactly why there is a trial.
  17. Jan 6, 2004 #16
    In the case of the anti-abortion folks, they know where tehy can legally go, and if they break the law it was certainly planned ahead of time.
  18. Jan 6, 2004 #17

    If a bomber bombs an abortion clinic, or endangers workers/patients, the law will continue to those who supported said actions in anyway but vocally. Money, information, etc. Is all conspiracy to commit a crime, and worse.

    I'm not sure what the anti abortion crowd has to do with this conversation though, but atleast you understand the way the law works.
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    and more links found here:http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/search?m=all;o=time;s=greenpeace You'll find each search subject has both a link to the forum thread and the source of the article.

    This is interesting:


    an aside: Didn't the Catholic Church pay out millions to the victims in the pedophile cases?

    Phatmonkey- I brought up the Anti-abortionist because often people feel a little bit differently in cases where the people breaking the law are not fighting for something they see as just, but I'm sure you're aware of that already.
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    Well, if Greenpeace is complicit in a bombing, you let me know, ok?
  21. Jan 6, 2004 #20
    I guess other illegal actions don't count???

    I didn't realize you had brought the subject up earlier in the thread.
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