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News Bush = Flip Flopper?

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    After insisting that his national evesdropping program would be hampered by judicial review, Bush has apparently reversed his position.

    I find this startling - could this be a new era in his presidency? Are we finally going to be ruled by a president who has a respect for the system of checks and balances in this country, or is this a calculated political maneuver?

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    If they could get the judges that they consider competent appointed to the bench, they wouldn't have to make those sorts of compromises.

    Gonzales: Judges unfit to rule on terror policy

    His reversal is a concession to the reality that his surveillance program won't stand up in court. Any concessions for other policies will only be made one by one depending on their chances of standing up in court.
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    Buschco is bowing to political reality. With Democrats controlling committee chairs, there will be hearings regarding his transgressions against our Constitution, and this particular issue is one that he would lose on, handily. The FISA court is in his pocket, and would never turn down any reasonable request for surveillance, so he had absolutely no reason to bypass those judges unless he wanted to spy on people that the judges would not allow, like political opponents and left-leaning political groups. If his administration could make any credible case that the person in question may be a risk to the security of the nation, the FISA court would rubber-stamp the warrant with no questions.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Bush has much to answer for. What I find funny is that even guys like David Brooks are slamming him daily now.

    The man has no integrity. He only does the right thing when given no choice.
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    Welcome to the United States of America!
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    you know that song? ride a painted pony and let the spinning wheel turn, you think thats whats happening here o:)
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    Dubya is even more hated than Cheney right now - something I never thought possible since Cheney is the human form of Satan on this planet.

    Negative ratings:

    Bush - 58%

    Cheney - 53%

    I think the combined negative rating of 111% is telling though (multiply by 6 :devil: )
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