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News Bush makes sexual joke about Condi Rice

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    In a shocking follow-up to Bush's distasteful joke about the search for WMDs, he made derogatory, sexual comments about national security advisor.
    Today, President Bush made an outlandish and wholly inappropriate joke. He portrayed Condoleezza Rice as a sexual object, denigrating and offending women across the nation.

    "Condi took it from behind real good after she criticized my decision. That's what she got for being naughty." He added a racial comment: "She was a good sport. Most black women get uptight about that sort of thing."

    Are you as outraged as I am?! I cannot frigging believe this! If the people cannot see what a fool this man is, I don't know what I'm going to do! What a jerk.
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    Source ? :eek:
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    April fools?
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    Bush made a joke about not finding WMD's which I thought was really funny. The reporters laugh, the vice-pres laughed, the secret service agents laughed, I laughed
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    This just in.

    When asked to comment on the matter, John Kerry said that if he hadn't already married a ketchup heiress, he would be all over Condi "like white on rice. And you know she likes to be spanked. Hell, I'd slap the black right off of her."

    {[(April Fools)]}
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    Not funny.
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