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News Bush not so hot for Mars?

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    There was no mention of Moon bases and Men on Mars in his SOU address last night, or at least according to the review I listened to (BBC?).

    Is this good news?
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    jimmy p

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    Im not sure, it could be good because it would save a lot of money which would be better off somewhere else for the moment, such as research or education. However it does mean the Mr. Bush probably has some dastardly stupid scheme somewhere behind his sloping forehead. Watch out guys, a madman is on the loose with ideas!!
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    I read that he was advised to drop it because his announcements of the proposed moon & mars plans did not garner enough favorable reaction. It was all just an election year ploy.
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    Ditto. It was just a trial balloon. Probably should have floated one on steroids. Last year it was sex slaves. If he gives one next year it will probably be about Sex Slaves from Mars with 'Roid Rage.
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    Gee, now didn't I say that on the first post about this, back when he first proposed it? Big Shocker...heheh
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    YES, you did!!!!! :smile:
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    The Corporations may beat Bush there...

    I've reproduced this correspondence from the Lunascan group. It seems the corporations are going to our Moon this year. Bush better get his arse in gear...

    "At 02:02 PM 1/16/2004 -0800, Robert Garfinkle wrote:

    >Hi Francis,
    >I may be late for the party, but what is this TransOrbital "Trailblazer"
    >trip to the Moon all about? Will it be a lunar orbital mission or a lander?
    >What instrumentation will it carry? Is there a web site for this project?

    Hewlett/Packard is providing the computers & people like Pepsi Cola will
    pay for the footages created and use them for advertizing. They plan on
    imaging previous landing sites for hardware, but I suggested an overflight
    of the Blair Cuspids, which would be very close to the Apollo landing site.


    http://www.transorbital.net/ [Broken]

    Transorbital is the only private company to be authorized by the US State
    Department and NOAA for commercial flights to the Moon. The TrailBlazer
    lunar orbiter will be the first delivery service to the Moon. Delivered to
    the Moon surface in a special capsule will be your certificates, business
    cards, cremated remains, jewelry, artwork and many other items of choice.
    The Trailblazer satellite will deliver commercial and scientific projects
    and experiments to lunar orbit, as well as conduct lunar exploration and

    During its voyage to the Moon, Trailblazer will provide live streaming
    video of the entire mission, pictures of earth from space, detailed maps of
    the full Moon surface, photographs of Apollo landing sites including
    Apollo 11, dramatic EarthRise; video and a mission ending live HDTV
    video broadcast of the spacecraft as it "Barn-Storms" over the lunar terrain.


    THE LUNASCAN PROJECT (TLP): An Earth-Based Telescopic Imaging (EBTI)
    program using live and recorded CCD technology to document and record
    Lunar Transient Phenomena (LTPs).

    The Lunascan Project HomePage
    http://www.evansville.net/~slk/lshomepage.html [Broken]

    The Project's Mission Statement :
    http://www.evansville.net/~slk/miss.html [Broken]
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