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News Bush pushing ing Middle east intitiative at G8 summit

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    Bush pushing ing Middle east intitiative at G8 summit....


    The plan pushes for financial assistance, literacy projects, and public forums.
    The people involved are the middle east and Bush.
    In the past, such projects have been suggested by countries around the world to be impemented in aid for Africa.

    It is continually pushed by the opponents of the war on terror that you could win the hearts with aide instead of bombs. Now that idea is being pursued, and the critics take another stance.

    So, are the critics of this plan against Bush or are they against helping the Middle East???
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    It really has nothing to do with Bush, it is not the "rights" right to be the advocate of societal change. Being the voice for the oppressed and creating an atmosphere for individual freedoms is only the right of the Left. And whoa is it to those who don't grasp that, for it is they who will be proclaimed as trying to impose their own ideologies on the middle east.....while covering their eyes and ears to the very same rights issues that they were so vocal and violent about here in the United States and other Western countries.
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    Who are these critics that are taking another stance? The only opposition that the article mentions is from some Middle Eastern countries.
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    Why Bush does not start his plan about democracy in my country (Palestine)?!

    Why he support to give Israel 60% of West Bank and Gaza against the UN resolution?

    Why he reject the rights of Palestinian refugees to return back to their homes according to UN resolution 181?

    95% of people in ME (including the non Muslims – 15% of people are Christian) will vote for anti American government, will Bush respect their opinion? They also will vote to liberate Palestine and to stop the nuclear Israel program.

    Why bush do not advice Israel to create real democracy by giving the Jews and the non Jews the same rights? How could he call Israel democratic country, and they treat the non Jews as non human.

    We in ME need democracy, but we do not trust the American politician.
    UK and France promised before 85 years to liberate the Arab countries from the Ottoman Khilafa, they promised to let the Arab nations to decide their future, and they claim to be liberators …. We know that the result now, they destroyed the region, stole all the resources, create Israel, install dictatorships, then withdraw!!

    After we saw the American values in Abu Gharib, we prefer to be ruled by Taliban rather than to be sodimised and raped in the name of the American freedom!

    We are going to kick our dictators and our extremists, there are, no place for those two groups in our future, but also USA should be far. They should not forget that they created Saddam and OBL in the 80s.
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    How are you going to do this? Who do you consider your extremists?
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    The change will come to ME because people have nothing to lose. I m sure the people will not forget that our dictators were installed and supported by USA/UK in the last several decades. The revolution against them is coming, just matter of time.

    Our extremists those who support OBL and Alqaeda,do not forget that they also the alliance of USA in the 80s, even most of their bases in Afghanistan were built by CIA. Those people also have no place in our future. They are used as Trojan horse by the imperialists. The same as did with their old alliance Saddam.

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    False dilemma. Try again.
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    who/what is this directed towards?
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    It's hard to pursue such peacefull, aid oriented initiatives when you are stripped of cash and deep in debt and growing more everyday. It looks up to Europe to provide a large portion of such aid, will they do it?
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    Bush still uses big words but his goal is still USA supremacy.
    Europe doesn't go the PNAC way.
    Chirac gives the European answer.


    (quote)Chirac took other opportunities to needle the administration. He said he told Bush and the other leaders about his "concern and thoughts" that the large U.S. budget and trade deficits may hurt currency markets and push up interest rates. He also warned that efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East ran the risk of backfiring.

    "We must stand ready to help. But we must also take care not to provoke," Chirac said. "For that would be to risk feeding extremism and falling into the fatal trap of the clash of civilizations: precisely what we wish to avoid."

    Echoing a common European complaint about the administration's approach, Chirac said the Arab world did not need "missionaries" of democracy.

    Instead, he said, conflicts such as the long-running struggle between Israelis and Palestinians must be addressed.
    (end of quote)
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    False dilemma. Try again.
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