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News Bush rally or revival meeting?

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    I've noticed something interesting in this election that I haven't seen in any other - or maybe I just haven't noticed this before...

    If you listen to the crowd at a Kerry rally, you don't hear any 'revival meeting' responses ("Booooo!" "Nooooooo!" "Yeah!!") injected by the crowd into his speeches. When I listen to the crowd at a Bush rally, it really reminds me of one of those born-again revival meetings. I half expect to hear a big 'AMEN!' or 'Praise the LORD!' tossed in at the end of every Bush statement. :rolleyes:

    Just something I've noticed... :biggrin:
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    Guess that's part of the pledge you have to sign to attend one of those things ! :wink:

    "I hereby solemnly swear to utter a minimum of 10 "amen"s, 20 "yea"s, ..." :biggrin:
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