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News Bush to be arrested in Canada?

  1. Nov 28, 2004 #1
    I was just watching CNN Headline News (Yes I know) and the announcer suggested that Bush could be indicted under Canada's War Crimes act, if so he would be arrested as soon as he arrived in Canada.
    Obviously I don't think this will happen. but it's a nice thought.
    What would this mean for international politics. It would certainly hurt our relations with the US.
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    I doubt it.

    If Canada arrests Bush they better be ready to feel the wrath of the powerful United States! If I ever become Pres. of the US I will definately take over Canada :smile:
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    Thank you for that wonderfully intellectual comment.
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    No problem, to be serious for a minute or two.

    Do you really think that Canada is going to make an attempt to arrest the President of the United States? If Bush actually had a chance of getting arrested in Canada there is no way he would be willing to go there. I am not a friend of Mr. Bush, but I guarantee you that he has plenty of lawyers on his side that are making sure that there is no way for him to get arrested anywhere.

    "As well, according to a foreign affairs spokesperson, visiting heads of state are immune from prosecution when in Canada on official business. If Ottawa wanted to act, it would have to wait until Bush was out of office — or hope to catch him when he comes up here to fish." - Quote from your source.

    Looks like Canada would have to wait four years anyway.
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    There's no chance Canada would even try to arrest Bush. I hope no one is seriously thinking that it would. Just imagine the ramifications...
    Anyway, on a side note: Bush isn't going to speak in Parliament anymore for fear of being booed. (That is a real possibility). What a shame though, that would have been quite entertaining.
    Some clubs at my school are organizing a trip to Ottawa to protest Bush. Maybe I'll go. I haven't been to Ottawa in a few years.
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    LOL! Now THAT would be news, wouldn't it? Be careful what you read. This is not a serious issue.
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    Well, he's actually comming to my city. There's so many people ready to protest. I don't believe anyone wants him here. So many of our highschools were closed down, to house the people on the 911, and we didn't even get a thanks.
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    When this was first brought up, the issue wasn't that they could arrest Bush now (if only...), but an attempt prevent Bush's visit. The letter sent to the PM by some lawyers stated that inviting Bush showed contempt for Canadian law and called for declaring Bush persona non grata in Canada (and indicated that allowing the visit might make it possible to indict the PM for abetting Bush's war crimes).
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    Ooooh, that's good too! (not as good, but still good)
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    This is rebuilding my belief is lawyers ... great effort !
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    In case you guys don't know, every president, presidential candidate, and ex-president, along with their families, are constantly followed by enough secret service agents that it would take a pretty strong force to take any of them anywhere against their will.
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    ROTFL wouldn't the Queen kick your guys' butts?
  15. Nov 29, 2004 #14

    You mean canada is still independent? i thought they were just another one of those evil blue states...
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    HAHaha..oh too true to really be funny...but it is!
  17. Nov 29, 2004 #16
    What would you want? Our Seakings? Or water? =\ Oh, maybe our ice, perhaps?
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    I was quite surprised to see the subject coming up on cbc, one of Canada's foremost news channel tonight!
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    I was even more surprised seeing it on CNN the least TWO nights!
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    No, what I will want is all of America.

    My first day as pres I will take over Canada, not that it will take long, maybe a few hours or so. :tongue2: Then Mexico, Central America, South America. After that, my followers and I will build a huge shield protecting us from every other country in the world. Then we will stop almost all military spending, and use our newfound wealth for health care and that other good stuff.
  21. Nov 29, 2004 #20
    You guys tried it once already, it didn't seem to go to well.
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