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Bush Won

  1. Nov 3, 2004 #1
    Bush Won!!!

    Hey hey guys...
    My "security inteligence" aka MSI told me that Uncle George won?
    Is that true?!?!?!

    I cannot trust any channel /newspaper now
    BTW: the elections still going on it is 1:32am FLorida Time, and they formal guys did not decide who will put his buddies in the White House...

    Mmmmm.....sounds like what?
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    At this time of writing, he has not won; he is winning. The results are being updated every minute. Check out www.yahoo.com. The results are on this page.
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    By my calculation, Bush has indeed won. Even after provisional ballots are counted in Ohio, he will have a lead of over 50,000 votes.

    The official result might not be announced until provisional ballots are counted in Ohio, and that may be a couple of days even !
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    Well, i guess a court thingy will involve in Ohio.

    ohh..somebody opened the same topic as this one AFTER i opened this thread, but most poeple went there.... it called "It's Over", i think it is wiser if we all-the three- move thier to continue "talking abuot the issue..

    I do not wanna look "too nice" but that thread made me have to " I might go there to [move my jaws] with them there :rofl: ]

    Here we are saying Bush WON, there they says Kerry LOST...

    It sounds i am soo sleepy..and having math/physics lecture tomorrow morning which i am missing since two weeks...and i am ... [fill in the blanks] ...will i will close my mouth and goto bed..it is better for us all :biggrin:
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    Hey guys, it is 2:31am check www.cnn.com NOW, the broken machines start appearing...God knows about the ones did not appear...
    Cool to say exiting staff in a child fight! [or is it presedeantal competition ?!?!]

    Welcome in IOWA for some moments this time...
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    Kerry is down by 140,000 in ohio. He claims there are 250,000 ballots, more conservative (cautious, not republican) estimates are 150,000-200,000 in which case he could win, but it is highly unlikely. Bush has won the popular vote by 4 million votes. Thats right: Bush won the popular vote, more people nation wide chose him,by four million. For Kerry to win would take a miracle (for him, not "democracy"), but it is, technically, possible. We'll know definitely within two weeks.
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    Clarification: provisional ballots are indeed provisional - they only count if it is found that the voter's name wasn't on the list due to some error. Historically, only 10-20% of them count. Thus the provisional ballots cannot reverse the 3% margin Bush has in Ohio.

    Another issue is absentee ballots. There are a significant number of them and they aren't counted yet. The cynic in me says the reason the press isn't mentioning them is they don't want to say the election is over: since a large percentage of absentee ballots are military, the republican typically gets upwards of 2/3 of them.

    So the election, while close, was over last night and isn't as close as the press is implying.
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    I have a friend (living until a couple of months ago) in Columbus, OH. He just joined school in Wisconsin, but I think he voted here, when he visited a month ago, using a provisional ballot. Or would he have used an absentee ballot ?

    Also, and this is far from what I've heard the folks at MSNBC say, I think I heard Judy Woodruff say that in 2000, 90% of the Ohio provisional ballots were accepted. :confused: Not that I've got any hopes...I called this race ended at 11:30 last night, when Fox called AZ for Bush.
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    Yes i heard 90% for provisional as well. And yes overseas absentee ballots had not yet been counted. I was watching CNN the feel i got is that they were terrified of mistakenly calling Bush the winner, after what happened in 2000. But as of this morning Kerry has conceded defeat, and it is generally believed that Bush has one. Like i saidit would take a statistical miracle for that to change.
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    That would have been an absentee ballot. The ones returned early were already counted I think, so it's the overseas ballots they are waiting for. I'm curious to see if those support Bush as much as in 2000. It would be a clear statement about the military's view of this war if those come in favoring Kerry, or even if they are close.

    I heard that too. They're estimating 50% will probably count. I ran into a few people last night who had to vote on provisional ballots...they are all legit voters, but had registered amidst the paper thickness fiasco, and one they screwed up her street address...when they put her on the register, they listed her street as East ..... and it's supposed to be West .... Probably something as simple as a typo in entering her registration information, but a problem nonetheless. But, at least it was all very clear at the polls what to do if your name wasn't on the list. When I was at the polls, someone ahead of me in line wasn't on the register, so they were very helpful...someone there had a master list to help see if they were supposed to be in a different line (three precincts were sharing one polling location, and nothing indicated this would be the case until I got there...the only sign telling you which line was which was ON the table where the poll workers were sitting, which you couldn't see until you got through the line...I just got lucky to wind up in the right line by accident not realizing there were multiple precincts there). I don't think it really matters though. I don't expect the provisional ballots to be overwhelmingly favoring Kerry, which is the only way it could make a difference, unless there are a lot that are from challenged voters that bias those toward democrats. I'm sure we'd have heard about it if that was happening.

    Well, at least this is the last time Bush can run. I sure hope none of his other relatives get crazy ideas about running, I'm tired of that family. They're predicting it's going to be Giuliani and Hilary Clinton in 2008. I think that's jumping the gun a bit, but my guess is that wouldn't be nearly so close as this one.
  12. Nov 3, 2004 #11
    Ahhhh! Of 300 million people in america, only 3 million voted.

    That's 1%...

    :surprised :surprised
  13. Nov 4, 2004 #12

    More like 115 million voted. The margin was 3.5 million, the difference between the two. And thats out of 250 million citizens, though the number of registered voters is lower than that.
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