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News Bush's hometown paper endorses Kerry

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    Less than enthusiastic support from McCain, blasted by Hagel and Lugar. Now his own hometown paper has abandoned him. If Bush loses, where will he live?

    This is the editorial in his hometown newspaper.

    http://www.iconoclast-texas.com/Columns/Editorial/editorial39.htm [Broken]

    Of course, they must not hate George Bush as much as they say. If you go to their 'front page' (http://www.iconoclast-texas.com), you can still buy an official "Crawford, Texas - Home of George W. Bush" paperweight for $39.99 (you might want to wait, though; they might go on sale).
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    I'm sorry, I must be missing something. Is this an actual newspaper with circulation numbers...editors and such or a web site calling itself a newspaper? Under it's "about" section it doesn't give any information as to who or where and any cirulation numbers and under it's archives it only has 3 archived editions? What is this?
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    Hehe. Good one, guys.

    edit: hey, while we're at it, where's the sports section? :grumpy:
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    The sports section ? That only comes out every time Bush goes dirt biking around the ranch. :biggrin:
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    The paper has a circulation of about 450 people (I'm quoting high) when I last say this
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    Yes, it's a real paper. The source where I first heard this gives 425 as the circulation.

    And hey, it reaches more than half the town! :biggrin: The 2000 census gave the population of Crawford as 705, up 74 from 1990.
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