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News Bush's IQ 129 – Links provided

  1. Sep 29, 2004 #1
    This post is made mostly in fun since I don't believe that IQ directly translates into intelligence. I do believe, however, that IQ results provide us with an indication of potential. So, in response to all of the board talk regarding IQ, and admittedly, to take a tiny jab at the liberals on what they seem to claim as their own scared turf, as shown in their continuing need to describe conservatives 'dumb' –- I decided to post this --- just in case some of you were still wondering. Contrary to the Democrat's constant drone, Bush might be quite intelligent. At least according to objective measures –

    Before the present SAT there was a correlation between SAT scores and IQ scores. (The present SAT has been changed and this correlation no longer exists) If George W. Bush's pre-1974 SAT score was a combined 1206 as reported in numerous sites on the internet –(an SAT score that was "recentered" up in the mid 90s) -- than this SAT score converts to an IQ of 129 on the Otis-Gamma IQ test. The Otis-Gamma test is reported to have a standard deviation of 15, which makes the converted score almost two standard deviations above the norm.


    Those of you who accept the numbers above –– should also note that the indicated IQ would be in the top 3% of the population. As stated in the linked material, these correlations were developed using a little more than 400 SAT and Otis IQ test takers.

    In addition – the actual correlation for the pre-1994 test to the WAIS is +.80. This is higher than some IQ tests have with each other as shown in the quote below. This quote is concerning the pre-1994 SAT. Note the correlations given --

    Note also that the quote above states that the SAT was actually benchmarked using the Otis-Gamma IQ test. The Otis test was used in the SAT to IQ conversion cited above.
    Here’s the link –


    Kerry apparently refuses to provide his SAT scores. So comparisons, for whatever they're worth, can't be made.
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    With an SAT score like that, you would think that he would've made better grades in college. Maybe's he just lazy, but when did lazy become a positive quality of a future president?
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    Me neither.

    So he has a reason to hide it ?

    Did you ever wonder what's the average presidential IQ in Europe ?
    Jacques Chirac scores much better for instance. Well, he still is a huge mess !
    This is totally irrelevant.
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    So Dubya's really a closet genius ?

    Now that's busted a big myth for me. I always thought Dubya had a lower than 100 IQ, but now I know his IQ is higher than mine ! :cry:
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    No, what are they? :tongue2:
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    Nope, he's been bona fide
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    So , the democrats have been misunderestimating Dubya all along, and that's what screwed up their strategery.
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    yes and that marilyn von whatsherface (the smartest person in the world) can't answer simple problem solving questions correctly.

    It doesn't matter if he has an IQ of 190- he still is a horrible public speaker. And the institution of the presidency requires more than just raw intelligence. It's all about image. If you're a genius and you portray the wrong image to the public and rest of the world, it doesn't matter how smart you are. It's all about perception.
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    Please, I am just a messenger. A mere vessel providing you unwanted and perturbing knowledge of Dubya's IQ.
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    GBW's IQ 129? I can't imagine he scored too high on the verbal reasoning part of the test, so he must be a GENIUS in visuo-spatial and mathmatical skills (if I'm right in assuming that these make up the test).

    No, this sounds like comedy, Tigers2B1. Something along the lines of Peter Sellars' Being There.
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    No, number_42, Bush's IQ is calculated from his SAT score of 1206 (Al Gore scored 1355 - just for comparison - not that it means very much).
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    In France for instance, our politicians usually have a background that could open them any door in their field. Some of them have the honor of one of the most difficult school to study mathematics (which is Ecole Normale Superieure Ulm, maybe the most difficult level in math before a PhD) and all of them, whatever their background, still have another most difficult school : Ecole Nationale d'Administration beyond this, which is specialized in everything you could imagine for a politician. Of course, this is only the beginning. But the story keeps the same : all those guys could have been making plenty of money. But no, for philosophical reasons, they choose to devote their entire life to thinking of the best way to manage the republic in a democratic way, being aware they sacrifice money. Oh by the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being both democratic and republican. Naming two sides of a political model this way is simply stupid.

    Also, when one rich family has two sons, the most succesful son in your country goes for business, whereas the failure one takes the remaining politics. Why again ? Money ! Apparently you imagine money is the solution for everything. This is your problem, and unfortunately, it is contaminating Europe. The people now think the real power is no more in politics. We used to think an alternative way was possible. I think the american responsability in establishing free market as the rule of the world today is not funny. It is terrible. More specifiaclly against Georges : the responsability he has in discrediting the UN. Also in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I won't list, because only those two are enough for a people to raise and kick the stupid dangerous cow-boy out of the powerful sit he was given. I usually never post anything here, because my political opinions would probably trigger numerous diatribes.
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  14. Sep 29, 2004 #13
    Just as I suspected!! – you've refused to post the IQs of your leaders. Apparently, even collectively, when all added together, they are no match for Bush.

    Now look here – it's best you learn this now even if them 'diatribes' scare ya. No European is smarter or meaner than an American, and no American is as smart or as mean as a Texan. So figure, would you rather be an effete, powered wig wearin' European, sipping tea with your pinky held high, or a rough honed Texan, sitting at the dinner table splattered with cow blood? Americans don't drink tea, we throw it off ships. We're wild men, sired by the smallpox. Eating petrified hearts by the bushel and drinking desert sand by the barrel.

    Remember humanino – Americans are a breed apart. Most Europeans were 'too scared' to cross the ocean, the thought sent'em all shaking in their big, black, giant buckled shoes. The weak ones died in trying. We're mean, we're tough, we're self-selected and we're self-centered, and we don't like abstract painters. No guy named 'Jacques' will ever whip an American – that's for certain.
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    I never said that. I think you do not take politics as seriously as we do. Alright, this guy plays saxophone, he seems fine !

    And by the way, I love americans. I am currently in love with one of yours, top quality. I might also take one of your job. Europe is very far from perfect. We both need to consider what the other is doing better. We are doing better at electing smart guys. It unfortunately seems useless, because de facto the market rules. So in the end, you win. We understood that for a while now. Some of us still do not want to accept this jungle. Maybe you will join us in a few decades when China will ruin your economical power, as they already started to. Maybe in this case, you are going to realize "maybe we need some regulations on the markets". Elementary rules. Share. Make the world a fair place. Not just the best place for your fat ass.
  16. Sep 29, 2004 #15
    Look, I know I'm no Jerry Lewis, but I thought you'd like my cheap xenophobic humor. But alas, after 200 years of French military losses a sour attitude is understandable. About the only war you ever won was the French Revolution, and that was because you were fighting yourselves.

    Just my two francs –
  17. Sep 29, 2004 #16
    I apologize if you took it for yourself. Apparently you did not listen when I told you I make a difference between the governement and the people. I am only saying this guy Georges has proven he has no respect for the rest of humanity. I am not saying kicking him out would have been easy. I am saying please, for the good of the planet equilibrium, do not give a second occasion to ruin the world. As for war :
    "A war from which nobody comes back, would be the first properly done one"
    War can always be avoided. Except if one looses his nerves.
  18. Sep 29, 2004 #17

    That changes everything!!!!!!

    Forget what he's actually done as President, if his IQ might be around 129, he's got my vote for sure.
  19. Sep 29, 2004 #18
    Tigers I hope you'll appreciate how well I'm restraining myself from insulting you right now. You'll find yourself sorely outnumbered if you proceed to make comments like that.

    And France uses the Euro.
  20. Sep 29, 2004 #19
    BuIQ’s of some presidents according to various web sites and sometimes extrapolated scores:

    JFK - - - - 119
    Nixon - - - 143
    Carter - - - genius (?)
    Clinton - - 135
    Gore (VP)-134
    Bush - - - -125

    Bush did get a 1206 SAT score with a verbal 566 and a math 640. Because of the dumbing down of the present SAT test he would score higher today.

    It seems the higher IQ guys are the one’s that had flawed presidencies, the jury is still out re: Pres. Bush.
  21. Sep 29, 2004 #20
    How're you going to label Clinton's Presidency flawed but not JFK? Is it because JFK got it on with Marylin Monroe, and Clinton favored random white-trash?

    And I wonder, why aren't Reagan and Bush Sr.'s IQ's listed? I wouldn't doubt Bush Sr.'s relatively high, but Reagan...
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