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News Bush's plan for mars

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    Meh, I've heard funnier
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    I guess that was funny....

    or is this a serious political thread...
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    eh, i tried
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    *pats you on the back*

    Don't worry, you'll get em next time
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    I thought it was funny...
    it seems I got myself with that one :blushing:
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    135 and 180 are about the average male and female weights for Americans aged 18-30, presumably the target market. That's just good manufacturing; they even allow for outliers.
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    (Huh!? You're right. You really DON'T have a sense of humour do you?) :eek:
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    hehe, regardless. I think a pair of those would rock! that would be hella fun! Too bad I'd feel extremely embarrassed to wear them in public. If it weren't for that, I'd put down a bid...
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    It's okay ... that's what they said about your pocket protector too and that didn't stop you! :biggrin:
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    You are a cool cat. I gotta thank you for being the way you are, not many people can do that.
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    oh man... Am I really that nerdy? ah well, I guess I really don't have to ask... with a name like Jonny_trigonometry. I was thinking lately that Jonny_Geometry sounds better... It's kinda ironic though because I totally suck at math.
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    How about Jonny_I_Shrunk_The_Kids... Well it is a science forum.

    Jonny_Cake (KInd of obsucre)

    I could go on ....

    But to your relief, I won't.

    Well, One more:

    Jonny_Fester ... Well, according to Uncle Fester, it means "To Rot" ... Jonny Rotten in other words.
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    Ummm... You're dreaming about buying SEALED AIR KICKS Anti Gravity Boots.

    Short answer ... Yes.
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    Dont be, a few of my friends back in high school were wearing those stupid half shoe, half rollerblade things. I laughed my ass off for the entire day when one of them was "riding" along one day and the wheels on his right shoe collapsed back into the shoe and he fell over.

    No oen else seemed to have thought it was funny but i was laughing for the entire day.
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    And THAT's how he lost even his nerd friends and slid down the slippery slope to neoconservatism.

    They say it was a hoop and a stick that did it for Hitler.
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    Is that suppose to be an insult? I might have to bring it to a lab for analysis to find out...
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    Damn ... thought that might work but I forgot Hitler is an idol of yours.
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    Im not a socialist liberal... sorry
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