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News Bush's speach and his eyes

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    I was watching Bush's comments on the attack yesterday evening, is it me or does he actually blink everytime he says a significant word (in between there is this iron stare)

    .. concious or unconcious blinking..
    I thought it was really weird :)
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    Unforced blinks are supposedly an indication of honesty. Pathological liars do not exhibit this quality (just watch the deceitful stare of TV commercials). Judging a person on eye blinks alone, however, encourages their dishonesty or your misinterpretation.
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    He always does that (he shows like if he is kind of sorry) while he is extremly happy from the inside !

    Didn't you see how much he blinked on 11 September ?
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    Bush ist ein dumm kopf!
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    I always liked the thumb-pointing. They found out during the Clinton presidency that the public really hated it when Clinton emphasized something by pointing his finger. It then became official Republican policy to point with the thumb. I am so happy to be ruled by such geniuses .

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    the man looks very confused to me, well confused and trying not to look that way.
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    Hm...One hand sometimes in pocket, other hand pointing...yea...Thats what Kennedy did too..I like it actually
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