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News Bush's Successes

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    Instead of the simpleminded attacks on Bush by listing all of his failures (quite easy to do for any politician,) I thought it would be interesting to post what he has exactly succeeded at during his four year term. Links and resources will be needed for support as well. Post Away!
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    Saddam is in jail.

    Do I need to post a link and cite references?
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    He gave Saddam a nice dental checkup too :D
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    He gained some oil, made a hell of a lot of money for companies he is invested in.
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    Did successfully invade both iraq and afganistan.
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    Sounds like a smart man. I like that in a President.
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    ... And in so doing, successfully killed over 10,000 Iraqi civilians, something like 90,000 Iraqi military, lots of people in Afghanistan (no, I don't have numbers on me here), and quite a few US troops as well. He was very successful at that.
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    He also successfully sent less than half the amount of troops needed into Iraq with next to no military support, and has sucessfully left our troops in Iraq for 2+ years for a bloody and chaotic occupation.
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    Oh really??

    Some perspective on the rate of combat casualties in Iraq. Any casualty is a tragedy, but the numbers of fatalities vs. iniuries are pretty amazingly low.

    http://www.strategypage.com//fyeo/qndguide/default.asp?target=IRAQ.HTM [Broken]
    Seems as if the troops are better supported than anytime before.
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    For that, I'll need more specifics and references. For starters, what exactly does "he gaines some oil" mean? Does he own it himself?
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    It sounds like we are going to rehash the same freakin' arguments that we have hashed a million times already. For example:

    Adam states that 10,000+ civilians have been killed.

    Someone will ask him to verify those numbers.

    Adam will post links to irrelevant Web sites containing faulty logic.

    And on, and on, and on.
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    Nope, the companies he is an investor with now have it.
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    Hey, I base it on figures from a website which bases its figures on hospital reports, reports from the UN and AI, and so on. If you doubt the numbers, complain to those international organisations, and tell the medical professionals in Iraq they are wrong.
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    Successfully turned the 2001 fiscal year 127.3 billion dollars surplus into a 157.8 billion dollar deficit in less than 1 year. Before Bush took office the nonpartisan congressional budget office projected that over 10 years the government would have surpluses totaling over 5.7 trillion dollars. Now in 2004 Bush has successfully turned that around into into a projection by the CBO of 10 straight years of deficits totaling over 2 trillion dollars more that will be added to the national debt. Keep in mind that the government today already spends almost 20% of its entire budget paying off the INTEREST ALONE on its debt. Deficits do matter, espcially with the upcoming massive wave of retiring baby boomers.
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    Not counting the Social Security Revenue, and there was no surplus. The last time we counted the SS revenue before this was to hide the cost of the vietnam war.
    So, why don't you repost with all the facts. Perhaps what the the budget was at when you don't use two different scales.
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    Which double-counted many casualties, and counted those that were killed by fellow Iraqis. As I said before, we already went through this.

    gravenewworld, I think the original post asked for references.
  18. Sep 6, 2004 #17
    http://www.cbo.gov/showdoc.cfm?index=1944&sequence=0 (This fiscal year and future fiscal years)
    http://www.cbo.gov/showdoc.cfm?index=1821&sequence=0 (historical budget data)

    Perhaps you are confused about the terms on-budget and off-budget. The on-budget calculations of budget surpluses and deficits don't count social security. If you don't count the current surpluses of the off budget items, then the budget deficits are even worse, 536 billion dollars on-budget deficit for this fiscal year and a projected 10 years of on-budget deficits totaling to over 4.4 trillion dollars (instead of the 2 trillion dollars I said earlier). If you don't want to count SS then yes I will admit that there was a deficit of 33 billion for fy 01, but Bush was president for Jan-Oct. of that fiscal year. There was indeed an on-budget surplus of 86.6 billion dollars for fiscal year 00. Look at the history of the on-budget deficits, they were reduced dramatically while Clinton was in office, but when Bush came in to office they went to record levels. You republicans wouldn't recognize facts if they hit you over the head.
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    Go look at the number of Americans killed occupying Japan and Germany post WWII (I believe the number is zero), then look at the number of Americans killed occupying Iraq after the President proclaimed "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended." Bush admits it, we're an occupying force in Iraq now, waiting and waiting and waiting for sane Iraqi's to take their country back and provide their own defense while we're getting blown up all over the place. I've heard countless reports of people saying we needed somewhere in the range of 300,000 in Iraq to really secure it after we got rid of Saddam, and obviously we're not doing a bang-up job of making the nation secure now.
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    To be fair, there were casualities occupying Germany and Japan, but then remember it was the cold war and the count was still far lower than that in iraq, and they havnt even been in iraq for as long yet.
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    No, I'm going to tell you to show them to me. You make this assertion with no link or anything expect me to look it up? You make a statement, you back it! Show me numbers.
    I would also say that Iraq is closer to S Korea, not Japan or Germany. And to remind you, Korea had 3 years before they were handed back over. In that time, there were protests, riots, and deaths.

    On the note of Germany, let's see what people said then, since it is SO much worse now - sound familiar??:
    The scans and texts to that times article was on Rush Limbaugh's site for a while (give me a break, you may hate him, but his texts were whole and accurate).

    'Countless' - then you can show me a recent link that says more forces in the country right now would change things?

    'waiting and waiting' - we are waiting for January for Iraqi elections, or did you miss where the UN agreed with us, and said that Iraq was not ready to have honest elections??? http://www.washtimes.com/world/20040115-112502-3479r.htm
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