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Business ideas?

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    What kind of business can I start that is relating to electrical/electronic/computer that has a low startup cost (around $30k)? It seems like most engineering businesses require huge amount of money.

    I'm 24 and have no experience in running a business but I'm willing to do research and fail to gain experience.
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    Software engineering?
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    How about electronics recycling??
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    All businesses require selling something whether it's goods or services and that the skill and capital (like a contact list) that drives the operation and is the beginning of success. Either pick something that you're certain you can already sell to lots of people, or start reselling some niche commodity and do a sideways shift into engineering from that. Look for some product that there's demand for but no local resellers, which requires customization or maintenance of the kind you would enjoy doing (or which is profitable to do, whatever is your priority).
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    Computer components are a huge industry such as hard drives and graphics cards. Its a larger startup cost than you have now but a lot safer than other stuff. Perhaps you could start in repairs and if you make a good profit start supplying components.
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