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But Above All

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    Behind its face, the computer solemnly performs rites of computation. Every electric motion is a ritual in the ancient tradition of computing. There is no room for joy in the mind of the computer. Humble and subdued are the things written on the banner of its mind. The eternal input passes into the hands of the solemn, black-robed priest who lives on the chip, and from the spirit of that priest issues his ceremony. Unending is his task and his readiness for his task. The black eyes of the priest gaze up forever.
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    uh, ¤¿¤

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    and your point is?
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    How fascinating: Computers Compute eh? I never noticed.

    Wait... does that mean swimminers swim? :surprised

    Tree, this is what we mean when we talk about the recent spam binge GD is on.
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    Its not that recent, has been lots of bull**** threads going on in PF for a long time now. Not complaining though, some of the very pointless threads can be quite amusing.
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    Okay, what the hell is this? Even your somewhat interesting "speculation" is negated because whole idea isn't as profound as you make it out to be. No offense, but there's a fine line between creative and ridiculous.
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    Actually, I think that all machines seem kind of solemn, but computers especially.

    The meaning of this? Well, it's not a profound idea. It's not nonsense, though, because it carries the message that precise, repeatable computation is like repeating a ceremony, and the singlemindedness of a machine performing a task is like the solemnity of a priest. But conveying that message was clearly not the whole point of the post, because I could have said it just as I did then. So am I trying to convey that message, but in a poetic way? Well, I do use imagery, but it doesn't seem to be poetic like a conventional poem is poetic. The manner in which I wrote the original post is rather characterized by a kind of subdued ostentatiousness, by the three lines used to say "computers are solemn" and the strange imagery used for simple electronic processes. The manner is one that seems to be saying, "this information is meant to be revered." That draws back to the content of the post: computers are solemn and ceremonial and this post is solemn and ceremonial. A little "mirroring" that I think usually slips under people's radar.
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