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Buy a Celestron C-6N reflector

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    I have owned 2 other types of telescopes previously and i am looking to buy a Celestron C-6N reflector. Does anyone have any comments on this scope? (+'s or -'s)
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    Re: Telescope

    If you are buying the whole scope/mount package:


    then I would say that the mount is undersized and very unstable without replacing the aluminum legs with sturdy wooden legs. I have owned this mount (different scope on it) and it just doesn't do the job, especially with a 6" Newt. Mine got a fair bit better by adding wood legs from Naturewatch in Canada at $129, plus adjusting the entire EQ head so that the bearings were tight and all the slack taken out of the worm gear engagement.

    As far as the optical tube itself, at F/5 you will have a good bit of "coma" with all but high power eyepieces. Also, the focuser is quite high which means that the secondary mirror is larger than should be necessary. This leads to loss of contrast (= less detail). The pluses are that the price is right for an EQ mounted 6" scope, especially if you are willing to do some "rehab" after you get it. A longer focal length Newtonian will cause fewer image and collimation problems.
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    I have an Orion 6EQ which, from what I understand, is the same OTA as the C6-N (by Synta). All the reviews I've read are pretty favorable as well. Google will provide you with plenty I am certain.
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