Stargazing Buying a first telescope?

I want to buy a telescope so I can get into astronomy but I have no idea what to look for. I done a bit of research but none of it has been very helpful :(. My budget is a maximum of £100. Does anyone know some good beginner telescopes I could get? I'm also interested in astro-photography but I know my budget may not stretch to it.
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Have you seen this sticky thread we have (4 pages)? :

By the way, I recently bought a really cheap ($35) telescope and posted about it in that thread (my post is here). I am a beginner when it comes to telescopes, so I will not come with any advice to you, but there are other experienced people on this forum which may have some good suggestions.


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The best solution for you will depend on what you want to do with the scope, where you live or can use it and how big a load you can conveniently carry about.
The best advice I can give you is that you must not buy anything in haste. Read a lot of posts which ask the same question, on this (see above link) and other forums and you will gradually find out the questions that you really should be asking and have the best chance of fitting your real requirements. Boring and you probably want to buy something tomorrow but use a little patience. Change your mind several times before you actually buy something.
There is some excellent second hand stuff available. Only last year I bought (eBay) an 8inch Dobsonian Skywatcher which cost me £150. That may be a bit above your price but it was really good value.
You could always choose to buy Binoculars and a sturdy camera tripod with adaptor. Very portable, easy to use and great for learning what's what and where, up there.

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I bought a cheap telescope for my niece. Binoculars work better and are easier. I personally do not have one. We have too much light pollution here. Also we have an astronomy club on a mountain 20 minutes away and they have two 30cm and a few smaller.

If the telescope is better than binoculars then you need to worry about a good tripod. It is frustrating if you think you saw something and then can not find it.

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