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Buying a Wii - what do I want?

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    Yep. I'm takin' the plunge. Wife wants a Wii. Me, I'm lukewarm on it. I got videogaming out of my system before I hit 25.

    So, she/we are interested in Wii Fit and Bowling.

    In addition to the Wii itself, and the Wii Fit Add-on, is there anything else I should get - such as a second wand?

    I'm in Canada. Here, the Wii is going for $209 and the Wii fit is going for $99. Can I look for better deals? Or is there a package deal I could look for?
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    Those prices are pretty standard. Definitely get another wand. Stock up on batteries. I bought a Pinball game and Sonic vs Mario Olympics that I really like.
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    To be honest, Wii Sports and the other game that used to come with it (Wii Play or something like that) are by far my favorite games for it. I played Mario Party on it at my friend's house, which would also be a good investment. I've also heard pretty good things about the Mario Kart game with the steering wheel controller attachment.
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    Mario & Luigi. Meh.
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    Does anyone have the fitness board thing ?
    A certain significant other needs some encouragement to get off the couch.
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    The Wii fit is a blast. I recommend it. But don't expect it to get anyone in shape ;)
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    We (26 and 27) have a Wii we use it all the time. It really is a system designed for fun. In addition to the Wii games themselves being a good time, the virtual console lets you download games from pretty much all the older legacy platforms (Nintendo owned or not).

    The Wii fit is pretty fun, but you'll find that as expected, it is heavy into balancing. I could see it being very useful to middle/older people who just want to maintain some sort of equilbruim.

    The games for Wii fit are pretty fun though; there are things like skiing among others. Being Nintendo, the best games are going to usually have Mario and Luigi though.

    Mario Kart (you really don't need the wheel) is a blast; my friends and I play online usually a couple times a week. Mario Party is also a GREAT game to play with a few people.

    As far as one player games, Mario Galaxy is awesome (kind of a 3D quasi platformer/puzzle game). I just played New Super Mario Bros., which is an "old-school" 2D mario platformer that was designed for multiplayer gaming, which is where it really shines.

    You will need a second controller and nunchuck. They are usually sold seperately, and can run kind of expensive. I have found that you can get a wireless nunchuck for the same price though as the Nintendo one. This can be VERY nice as otherwise the nunchuck plugs into the normal controller.

    As far as batteries, just get like a 10 pack of rechargables. It will save you a LOT of money as the controllers do seem to eat those things.
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