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Buying an oscilloscope

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    I want to buy an oscilloscope, but i don't have enough information on what parameters i have to look for in order to buy good one that will be fine for my work.

    I want to be able to see pwm signals with frequency up to 10 or 20khz.

    I see one in this link:
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    Go to surplus store. There are a lot of good old scope very very cheap. Depend on what do you use it for, do you need digital scope? I think you can get a really good analog scope dirt cheap.
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    jim hardy

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    Ebay is where i got my old H-P180.

    In late sixties HP was trying to compete with Tektronix and made some excellent scopes.

    Any HAM Radio fest would be a good place too. Hams are friendly and will give advice.

    old jim
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    Hi Jim,

    I think me and you are two old timers here!!! Sounds like you've been in EE field for a long time like me. From your post, you are like me that don't like simulation unless have to. I believe you get a lot more insight not using simulation. I never find an instance other than in RF I need to use simulation. My original major was Chemistry and I don't have a day in school in analog electronics in my life. Electronics is just my passion. I started out modifying guitar amplifiers in the 70s and got so deep into it that I quit music and went full bore into EE. I gain knowledge by switching to totally different jobs and study along the way. Actually I really did not start serious studying until 10 years ago. I realize my passion is still electronics after all these year working and designing.

    In the pass 10 years, I concentrate on RF, tx lines, distribute element circuits. I stop working 6 years ago and I really button down, starting with Calculus II all the way to PDE. Study EM and now antenna. I am making up loss time in my old age. I still average two to three hours a day 6 days a week in studying. Last two or three days, I've been lazy, rather talk here than study!!!!

    Back to scope, I see nothing wrong with getting an analog scope. I care about the frequency response more than anything else......of cause I am very cheap also!!! I only have a Tek 465 100MHz scope. THat's plenty for me to monkey on some guitar amplifiers now a days. Anything more, I might as well go back to work.
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    jim hardy

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    I prefer analog scope for everything except event capture.
    I was able to find manuals for the old HP, and it's all discrete components so i should be able to pass it along to my grandchildren.

    TEK 465 is a fine scope was our workhorse in 70's, sure wish i had one!!!

    ""Last two or three days, I've been lazy, rather talk here than study!!!!""

    That's part of what us old timers do -
    if you haven't already done so, watch movie "Secondhand Lions". (It's in $5 pile at Walmart.) Robert Duval and Michael Caine play two delightful characters looking for meaning in old age.

    old jim
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