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C++ and Visual C++

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    Umm guys, is visual c++ a very different programming language than c++. I mean, I installed a copy of visual c++ and looked at the pre-made template of hello world but saw that it is very different from the normal source code for c++.

    I have this code made from devcpp, the calculator if you remember, and I want to implement some GUI and buttons but it seems that I need to do additional studying of visual c++ just to do this..is this right???
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    Visual C++ is a term coined by Microsoft. Why you say you're using Visual C++ you're implying your using Win32 API. There are many other GUI development toolkits. GTk and QT are other options.

    Unless you're confortable with command-line programming I don't suggest doing GUI programming. It gets complicated pretty quickly.
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    I use Visual C++ and gcc to write console non-Win32-API C++ code. I use conditional macros to allow me to compile with either compiler.
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    do yourself a favor and get a programmer's text editor rather than adding all the cruft the VC++ adds to development.
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    C++ is a multi-platform languge. Visual C++ is microsoft's version of C++, and most of its libaries depend upon Windows API calls. Hence, it is no longer multi-platform.

    In any event, Visual C++ is a IDE developed by Microsoft, but it indeed, has the same syntax as any other type of C++ IDE (such as Borland's). :tongue2:

    Take my advice and use Delphi for your RAD needs, unless you need extream flexibity or you need to get low level (and even delphi has an inline assembler) :yuck:
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