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C++ Compiler?

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    Hey guys!

    Which C++ compiler do you prefer? Do you like Borland's C++ builder? What is the Borland C++X? The X means something?
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    I use gcc. You can find it for nearly every platform and it works great.
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    Err, I meant for developing windows apps :) I'm sorry to not be more clear.
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    Try Dev-C++, it uses GCC. But there's also visual-mingw IDE which uses gcc. Mingw is gcc for windows (basically).

    You could also try cygwin for a more unix type environment.

    Also, if you want managed c++ you could try out microsoft's free .net framework.
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    Dr Transport

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    try the open watcon compiler......couple of quirks, but otherwise ok.....
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    Like Goalie_Ca stated, I'd give Dev-C++ a look. I decided to try it a few months back and haven't let go of it since. The developers of Dev-C++ do a great job of fixing bugs very quickly and they update the software regularly.
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    I've been using dev-c++ for around 4 years now i guess. It's a pretty solid IDE, if you know delphi you should help contribute.
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    I am also using DevC++ and I also find it is a good one...(smile)
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