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C++ Declarations help

  1. Oct 15, 2006 #1
    Hey guys,

    I need a little more help here with this C++ stuff. Can anyone give me some help on how to give the meaning of these declarations:

    1) const int a;
    2) int const a;
    3) const int *a;
    4) int *const a;
    5) int const * a const;

    Any help would be appreciated as i am new to c++ and i am still in the learning stage

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  3. Oct 16, 2006 #2
    Welcome to real programming. Real painful, if nothing else.:uhh:

    1 & 2 are the same. I prefer 2 on purely aesthetic grounds.

    3,4,5: To read pointer declarations, work right to left.

    3: "a is a pointer to (const) int" the pointee is const--it can't be changed through the pointer. The pointer can be changed; it can be pointed at a new pointee. I prefer to declare as: "int const * a", it better supports the right->left reading.

    4: "a is a const pointer to int"--the pointer can't be changed--i.e. it can only point to the pointee it was initialized with; pointee can be changed via the pointer. This declaration always raises the question, would you prefer a reference in this situation? Not always (sometimes you really want an address, as in hardware programming, etc), but often a reference helps you avoid bad pointer madness that runs rampant in C.

    5: "a is a const pointer to a const int"--neither pointer nor pointee can change. Akin to a const reference.

    Good luck.
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