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C++: Deleting N-D arrays

  1. Dec 17, 2005 #1
    Was wondering if the "delete [] varname;" deletes multiple arrays


    I coded a 3-D array as follows:

    type ***name;
    name = new type**[n];
    for i: name= new type*[n];
    for i,j: name[j]=new type[n];
    and name[j][k] is and element in the array

    now does
    "delete [] varname;" suffice to delete the 3D array?
    or do i have to first delete name[j] then delete name and then name.
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    You need a for loop to delete everything.
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    coo, thx so its

    for i,j: delte name[j]
    for i: delete name
    delete [] name?

    oh yeah one other Q, if i allocate memory and forget to deallocate...when the programm shuts down does it autodeallocate for me? or do i have to turn off my system?
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    Yes, that works, just spell delete correctly.

    Yes it will free the memory, but don't rely on it. That is bad programming because while you run the program you'll be wasting a lot of memory.
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    thanks dduardo...heh i was just using "delete [] name" now i should go correct it. Its fun to watch 1000 3D spherical (billiard) balls colliding eating up the resources, yay for a double for loop...now i gotta add in some scene mgmt tech.
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