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C# for arduino?

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    Although i'm a mech major, I feel asking this in the EE section is more approparite or a CS section if there was one.

    I haven't had much experiencing with arduino circuit boards and C, C#, or C++ programming. Next semester, I will take a mechatronics class. This will involve considerably programming. There will be a project and I'm thinking of using an arduino.

    Do you guys know if C# can be used to program an arduino or is it limited to C and C++?
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    C# is proprietary, limited to Windows platforms, so not likely.
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    I've recently purchased an Arduino and have been going through a set of online tutorials. The language looks and feels like a small subset of Java. Here are the Arduino tutorials that I'm looking at if you're interested. The first six don't require much more than the Arduino, a breadboard, and very basic parts.
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    Thanks. I've talked to a few other people and they said you can use C to program an arduino. Any verification on that?
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    According to the Arduino wiki page:
    However, in the software section:
    From what I've read this morning, it looks like the code is written in a Java language but is compiled under the hood using C++. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help. Perhaps the Arduino forum could answer your question better.
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    Arduino is a platform using Processing language (simplified C) and a customised bootloader.

    What you're referring to more specifically is that the chip in it, the ATMEGA328 or variant of Atmel's series can be programmed via C.

    However the arduino has its own bootloader that allows you to program with serial and hence through the usb device on the arduino. If you want to program with C, you'll have to do it through the ICSP header with a special programmer.

    But anyway, in the arduino software, you can put in fragments of C code in there, however I'm not entirely sure of the extent that you can do with it.
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