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C from Calculus.

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    I just had my final and I think I will be getting a C for my final grade from calculus I. How do the prospects look with a C from calculus on a engi. major? :/
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    Do you know why you got the C? Was it lack of time spent studying, was the material difficult? I wouldn't let the one grade get you down, but it is a pretty good indication that you could perhaps practice more. Was this Calculus I? Keep in mind that Calculus II is much more difficult.
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    This is a ways down the road, so I wouldn't worry about graduate school just yet. Just try hard in all your classes, see where it gets you. By reading some of the profiles on physicsgre.com, some people with pretty bad GPAs get into graduate schools (some <3.0). But I mean, if you try during your undergraduate career and are unable to maintain at least B's in your math/science courses, you have to seriously consider the possibility that grad school is not right for you.

    For now, just try and make sure you understand the material well, for if you don't understand calculus things are going to spiral out of control real fast for you.
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    Some professors are just douche bags. I received a B- (although it's a B and my professor refuses to listen to anymore grade inquiries) in my diff eq and linear algebra course.I studied my butt off and learned the material inside and out, but the tests were ridiculous and not based off anything we've gone over in lecture (not just me, my tests were always right at the average).

    My basic feeling towards the matter is if you can look yourself in the mirror and say that you mastered the course and you still ended up with a C, then don't worry about it. It's one C, not going to kill you. I received a C+ and a B in Calc I and II respectively, but when I think about it, I know I could have seen some more practice problems and went to more office hours. You're only at calc I, there is plenty of time to become a better student before you get to grad school. Just do tutoring, office hours, and all sorts of supplemental problems, and I'm sure you'll do fine in Calc II.
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    Wouldn't that mean you should've gotten an A or an F? :biggrin:

    Joking aside, a C means you have work to do, that's all. Spend the break going over the problems you don't understand because you'll need to be comfortable with Calculus I to do well in Calculus II. If you can, have a friend who did well help you out in exchange for dinner or something. You can also consider a few tutoring sessions.
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    I wouldn't panic just yet. I'm guessing you're a 1st year student? Review over the break; go over the final and figure out where you went wrong. It's time consuming but well worth it. Also don't be shy about going to your profs office hours (if you're in the US, there's probably an equivalent else where in the world, I recall from my year in France that they had office hours as well it was just slightly more intimidating). Asking for help is key to learning (figure out what it is you don't know and then how to go about learning it). And if worst comes to worst you could re-take it. I had to take Calc II twice; got a D the first time and a B+ the second time around.
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    You sure about that? My understanding is that at most universities, my own for sure, regardless of what grade you get you can retake the course and the higher grade will be reflected on your transcripts. Besides, I don't know why they wouldn't let you retake a course that you're willing to pay them for.
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    Mine will not let you either. New policy.
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