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C-H bonds. Polar or non-polar?

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    Are bonds between Carbon and Hydrogen polar?
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    They tend not to be but it depends on the nature of the carbon atom. If the carbon is acetylene, the proton is considered to be somewhat acidic. sp3 carbon-hydrogen bond isn't really polar. sp carbon-hydrogen bond is much more polar but not really what I would use as an example of polar. pKa of acetylene is around 25.
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    in the case of ch4. would the individual c-h bonds be counted as polar bonding?
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    There's no strict distinction between 'polar' and 'non-polar' bonds (or ionic and covalent, either). Any bond between two different elements will invariably have some degree of polarization.

    But a C-H bond is fairly non-polar in any circumstance, and yes, it's quite non-polar in CH4.
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    As the difference in electro negativities of Carbon and hydrogen comes out to be less than 7(I guess) its sufficiently non-polar.
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