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C is the line segment from

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    Evaluate the line integral [tex]\int x^5*z*ds[/tex] where C is the line segment from (0,3,5) to (4,5,7)

    so first thing i did was found the parametric equations
    the parametric equations are:
    x= 4t
    y= 3+2t
    z= 5+2t

    how do i find out what t is? i totally forgot how to do that and i cant seem to find it in the book because it's so easy they dont bother to explain it. i can solve the problem if i know what t is, so help me if you can. thanks in advance
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    Surely you can figure out what t is when, say, (x, y, z) = (0, 3, 5)?
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    lol ah thanks alot, i got it
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