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C program display time

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    Ok, I have to write a program that displays an arbitary time. I'm given 2 ticks every 1 second. So I'm suppose to use that to display the Hour, minute and seconds...im not sure where to start on how to create this. I know to find seconds I just do ticks/2, but for minutes and hours I'm confused...
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    So your program is given an integer -- represented in ticks -- and you just need to convert ticks into seconds, minutes, hours, etc?

    I'd suggest you look into using the / (integer division) and % (modulo) operators.

    - Warren
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    Yes, that's correct. So if I do the following

    how do I then use those values to display the correct hours, minutes?

    for example I have 3602 seconds, that will be 60.0333333 minutes, and 1.00055556 hours
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    You're not understanding me. The best solution uses BOTH the % and / operators.

    If you divide 3602 seconds by 3600 seconds (1 hour in seconds) with integer division, the answer will be 1. This is the number of hours.

    If you then perform the same divison, but take the remainder (using the % operator), the remainder is 2.

    Perform the integer division 2 / 60 (1 minute in seconds). The answer will be 0. This is the number of minutes.

    Perform the same division, but keep the remainder (2 % 60), which will be 2. This is the number of seconds.

    - Warren
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