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C program help

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    Total program to write number of characters to a file and to read those back.
    Please help.
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    this is sudo code, not completely sure but most of it should work, provided you include the right libraries
    #include <file.h> ??? maybe

    file f = fopen ("text.txt", w); //opens for write
    for(int i = 1; i <=10; ++i;)
    fprintf(f,"a"); //prints a 10 times

    file f = fopen("text.txt", r); //opens for read

    Should get you started
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    fopen() opens a file, the second arguement should be a string, either "w" or "r" for write/read
    reading/writing individual characters you should look at fputc()/fgetc() or better fwrite()/fread().

    Take a look here http://www.cprogramming.com/tutorial/cfileio.html
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    jim mcnamara

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    simplest but not the most efficient way:
    1. open the file for read only - explained above, get a file stream to read.
    2 set an integer variable as a counter = 0.
    3. while (fgetc(<file stream variable>)!=EOF) counter++;
    4. close the file
    5 display the number of characters (use the counter varaible) with printf

    The standard library functions you need are: fopen, fclose, printf, fgetc
    So you can read your documentation on how to call each of those
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