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C program

  1. May 16, 2009 #1
    i am work with my final project

    and now i need to helpe

    now i need to now how can i measur the value of frequency by using microcontrol 8051

    i need to using code with c language to do that

    because at the first i am want to send the tempareture and display the value of it using microcontroller and lcd

    and i am complete the first stage , convert the valu of tempareture to frequency and then send it and recieved this value

    now i want by using lcd and microcontrol to display this value of tempareture

    but i found difficult to calculate the value of frequency that must be enter to the microcontrol because i need program with c to do that

    so can any one give me any wed or book or code


    i have one week to do that


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