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C Programming Compiler

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    At university we are using the Borland C++ 5.5 compiler, however, this does not work on Vista, which my home computer has.

    I was therefore wondering what C program compiler everyone would recommend which works on Windows Vista?


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    Thanks for the reply. Downloading now...
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    You could also download Cygwin and use g++/gcc. Pair that with XEmacs or Notepad++ and you're in business.

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    Just for the archives.
    If you want a Unix experience c compiler on Windows you should also look at http://www.mingw.org/ it's the same GCC+Gnu tools but calling the windows libs directly rather than through the cygwin->unix compatibility libs.
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    I use the C++ express for all of my projects. Very trustworthy compiler.

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    I've always used Dev-C++ to compile, and Notepad++ for the actual writing of code.
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    Your university is using a nine-year-old compiler?!?!?! :bugeye:
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    Until the free edition of VS came out it was about the only free IDE on windows.
    C (rather than c++) hasn't changed much in 9 years and at the time Borland was a lot better than Microsoft (MSV6 argh) for standards compliance.
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    The full version of VS is available for all students. All you need is a valid .edu email.
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    That's a nice strategy.

    What about programming resources in Linux or BSD?, there is Vim, Emacs or the KDE & GNOME IDEs but I'm not sure about them. Any suggestions please?
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    It's been a couple years since I used Linux, but when I did I was happy with Kdevelop.
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