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Homework Help: C programming resources

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    Hi, does anyone know of any websites which I can access to obtain the necessary files for me to able to create, compile and run C programs? I really need some programming practice and reading my textbook won't be enough. So any help would be much appreciated.
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    I've used Pacific C in the past for simple stuff, and it's available as a free download:

    http://www.htsoft.com/products/PACIFICc.php [Broken]

    BTW, to find that previous pointer, I googled pacific c free download, and got lots of related hits for other compilers. Maybe try that google to see if any of the others interest you.
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    If you're running Windows, my advice is to download Cygwin. The default install includes both gcc and mingw.

    If you're interested in an integrated development environment, I suggest DevC++.

    - Warren
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
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    Get a linux distribution! Full of programming stuff like that. You don't even really have to re-install your system if you want -- you could get a Linux distribution that boots off a cd (google for Knoppix)! Compiling and running C code is part of the OS!

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    Not sure if you are still looking, but I encountered the exact same issue not long ago. I did my research and ended up going with Microsoft Visual Studios (or Visual C++) it includes everything you need, the IDE and compilers and everything. I know the name says Visual C++ but it is not limited to C++ programming, it works great for C as well (which is what I'm programming in).
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