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    hey people,

    Im a beginner when it comes to programming and i have just stated C++..Im finding it a bit hard and boring but its only the beginning, so i think that it would get better as i move on....Anyway i need some help with these questions...

    BTW for your info: Im using a book called "A gentle introduction to C++" by Dan Hawhorn...
    So here are my questions:

    Part A
    1)Enter a number from the keyboard
    2)Test the number to make sure it is a positive integer
    3)If not, loop back and re enter a new number
    4)Calculate the display the sum of all integers from 1....
    5)e.g. If N = 8, then Sum = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36

    Part B

    1) Enter a number from the keyboard
    2) Test the number to make sure it is a positive integer, less than 18
    3) (otherwise the result will be too large)
    4) If not, loop back to re enter a new number
    5) Calculate and display the product of all integers from 1.....N
    6) e.g. If N = 5, then product = 1*2*3*4*5 = 120 = 5! = 5 factorial.

    I would be most happy if anyone could help me with writing these programs......

    The program i am using is Dev-C++, oh and i am progressing through those tutorials(stickies) on the top...

    Thanks a lot
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    Can you show us your thoughts on how these programs might be written? We can help you, if you can show us where you're stuck.

    - Warren
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    Here's a general tip: Don't try to write the entire program at once! Do part of it, and test it, then move on to another part and test it, etc. For example, your Part A divides neatly into two sections that you can solve separately:

    At this point, you should display the number that you finally got, with a 'cout', so you can verify that it's OK. When you get this working, you can move on to the rest of it:

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    Ok here we go:

    For part A the 2nd question:

    Test the number to make sure it is a positive integer..

    So far i have done this....

    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    int main()
    int number;

    cout<<"Please input a number from the keyboard: ";
    cin>> number;

    It works right upto here...

    Now i want to know how to assign to the program the point to make sure that it is a positive integer...SO what statement do i give for this???

    Following the 3rd which says: If not, loop back to re enter a new number...im thinking for this that i have to use an IF statement but not too sure about it...

    Hope that does it...
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    Thanks for that, but i already knew that rule...it is at this point where i think i need some help.....i dont know what to enter to test to make sure whether the number is a positive integer or not following the looping part....
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    That loop will not terminate as required. (Hint: in C, any non-zero value is true for Boolean purposes).

  9. Aug 3, 2006 #8
    Ok so your program pulls in the number. So in order to loop back you'll have to actually use a loop which would include "for" "while" and "do while"

    Using what you have there you could just put a while loop after it

    while (test){
    cout<<"Please input a number from the keyboard: ";
    cin>> number;

    ^ you can just put the same code you used to prep the loop

    From the sounds of it where i put (test) is where you're having the trouble?

    As far as that goes, every even number divided by 2 is an even number. So you could do something like

    while (num > 18 || (num % 2) > 0)

    That way the loop will only go into effect if a number is greater than 18 or if the number has a remainder (which if it were even it wouldn't).
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