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C.S 300 years from now

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    I study alot of C.S courses. One question i have is this: How much of what i learn about data structures+ algorithm theory, and autamato theory would be the same 300 years from now.

    Here is what i mean. If you can look at math, and physics. calculus is the same now as if was 300 years ago( Essentially). Similarly, with physics, classical mechanics is still as applicable today as it was 300 years ago. Can we confidently say that the tools of computer science will be as enduring as the tools of the physicists( ex: classical mechanics) , and mathematicians(Ex: calculus)?
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    Is calculus essentially the same?

    When I took my analysis courses, I was given the impression that Leibniz and Newton used a lot of stuff that was philosophically problematic and outright wrong. The rigorous formulation of calculus as we know it occurred in the time of guys like Cauchy and Weierstrass. That's in the early 1800s, right?

    Swerving back on topic, I kinda wonder about this myself as I prepare to enter algorithms this next term.
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    The one thing that comes to mind is quantum computing. Right now, an if statement is based on true or false. In a quantum computer, I would imagine that it would have to change to true, false, or maybe.
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