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Homework Help: C++ unsigned long double

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    in C++, how many digits and how many bits is the maximum allocated for unsigned long double?
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    D H

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    None. There is no such thing as an unsigned long double, at least not in the standard. If you have such a beast you are using a non-compliant C++ compiler.
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    ok so what's the maximum then...

    and how does having a 32-bit or 64-bit OS affect this?
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    What's the maximum of what? I think that you are confusing two different types: unsigned long (or unsigned long int) and long double.

    The first is an integer type and the second is a floating point type. The sizes of these types depends on your particular C++ implementation. You should have a header file named "limits.h" that will indicate the largest sizes of ints, long ints, floats, doubles, and so on.
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