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C.V aid for future computer engineer and software courses not taken in colleage

  1. Jan 13, 2012 #1
    i was a freshmen in engineering unversity in egypt, we are told that in order to become computer engineers we are gonna study a preparatory year and 2 years in general electricity then 2 years computer engineering and science.

    http://eng.shams.edu.eg/engineering/study_plan.html#p [Broken] this is study plane, please choose computer engineer third and forth year.

    i wanted to know good extra courses that will aid me in future and allow for better job opportunites, preferably it will be in software realated stuff like c/c++ that we studied only basics in preparatory year so anything like 3dmax,web design extra is good for me and importantly i want something i can add to my S.V and use now will attending colleage more importantly it will be quite useless to learn something i'm going to study later in colleage.
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